Mr. Clean Vent Brush

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Felxible appliance vent brush cleans hard to reach spaces easily. Removes lint & fuzz. Dual bristles to clean varioustypes of dirt & dust

The Mr. Clean Vent Brush is designed to fit into small spaces, like air return vents, air conditioner vents, and radiator vents. It's also great for cleaning ceiling fans, refrigerator vents, and freezer coils. It removes the dust, lint, and hair that can harbor allergens or cause a fire, and helps keep your home air clean and dust-free. It has a flexible wire that allows it to reach where it needs to go, and when cleaning is done it's easy to clean the brush so its ready for the next use.

Product Features

  • Removes lint and fuzz that can cause allergies and fires in vents
  • Easily cleans tight spaces such as ceiling fans, air conditioners, and radiator vents
  • Flexible wire cleans hard to reach vents
  • Perfect for cleaning refrigerator and freezer coils and vents
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