Mr. Clean Easy Clean Microfiber Cloth (Pack of 8)

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Multi-purpose microfiber cloths that are convenient & handy. Machine washable. Use to clean eye glasses,electronics, appliances,furniture & other surfacesin your home

The only microfiber cloth you'll ever need to buy again. The Mr. Clean easy clean microfiber cloths lift and trap dirt, dust and grime as you wipe. Use it again and again to clean glasses lenses, phone and computer screens and keyboards. You can even use it to Replace your Swiffer mop throw away dusting pads. And when it starts getting dirty throw It into the washing machine and use it again. These cloths come in a convenient tissue like 8Ct box so you can store, grab and go or keep one in every room of your home and in your car. It's good to know Mr. Clean is by your side to help get the job done.

Product Features

  • Convenient & handy, multipurpose microfiber cloths
  • Lifts and traps dirt, dust and grime as you wipe
  • Use to clean eye glasses, electronics, appliances, furniture & other surfaces on-the-go or in your home
  • Machine washable and reusable
  • Fits quick clean mop heads
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