Mr. Clean Cobweb Duster

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Cob web duster with extendable handlereaches up to 69. Reaches high ceilings and moldings easily. Cleans baseboards and floors without bending

The Mr. Clean Cobweb Duster gives you a longer reach so you won't need a step-stool to reach higher places. The telescoping handle stretches to reach places where cobwebs and dust lurk whether it's crown moldings near the ceiling or deep under furniture, and it's also perfect for cleaning baseboards without bending. Then it shrinks down for closer work and for neat storage when cleaning is done.

Product Features

  • extendable handle reaches up to 69"
  • reaches high ceilings and moldings easily
  • cleans baseboards and floors without bending
  • no stooping or bending to reach baseboards and floors
  • cleans hard to reach corners and crown moldings
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